More Tracking

Saturday was a good tracking day! Bailey ran a 257 yard track with 3 corners and 6 articles. Completely new location, dry conditions, she was a good girl! A few things to work through, but overall I was very pleased!

The new tracking group is so much fun. The people are nice and very easy to work with.

We also went tracking today. I laid two short straight tracks for Buzz and he remembers what to do, so that is very YAY! I laid one track for Bailey that I aged 25 minutes (longest yet) and put 4 articles on. Her article indications were good, but twice I had to re-cue track because she stopped to sniff something in the field. Then I lost an article on my way out of the field so she had to go back in and find it, which she did... good girl!

I'm so excited to be tracking again!

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