Keeping Count

After reading a couple of posts where people listed the number of titles their dog has... I decided I wanted to do that.

  1. RL1
  2. RL2
  3. RN
  4. UCD
  5. NAC
  6. NCC
  7. NJC
  8. O-NJC
  9. TN-N
  10. O-TN-N
  11. TG-N
  12. WV-N
I guess Buzz has 12 titles! Go buddy go!

  1. RN
  2. RA
  3. RE
  4. CD
  5. TN-N
Baby dog only has 5. But what a good baby dog she is (and she has quite a few Qs in venues we don't play in much-USDAA & CPE).

Pretty cool stuff.

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