Confessions of a Dog Food Snob

Hereby referred to by DFS from now on. I, Megan Nelson, am a dog food snob of a rare kind. I fed questionable quality food for years until Buzz's reddness was attributed to an allergy. Thus began the search for a food that would help him out. Drastic improvement with numerous foods but nothing "fixed" him completely. I fed prey model raw as their sole diet for close to a year but when I had to go back to school without the dogs, mom refused to feed that "icky raw stuff" (this coming from the woman who grew up on a dairy farm... hmmm?). So the dogs ate a quality samon based food that seemed to appease Buzz's system enough for him to be less itchy.

I am a convert. They still eat raw, and I will go back to full raw as soon as I can (aka, get a real job and support myself completely) but this Costco dog food people have been raving about is well... worth the rave. Premium Edge labeled as Kirkland Signature, lamb and rice, was either introduced at an incredibly convenient time, or it's keeping his allergies at the same level the Fromm Salmon did!

If I wasn't going to see my friend who buys in bulk from the distributor for a few months, I was paying about $50 for 30# that would last me a little over a month because I always add things, and feed raw meals when I can, etc. When I was able to get food from said friend it was $30 for 40#. This stuff is $25 for 40# *nods* uhhuh! That's right. The DFS has been feeding her dogs something very different. I'm not even shuddering when I say that I feed Kirkland.

Who knew?

Ok, so I'm still going back to all prey model raw as soon as possible and until then they get as much as I can give them!

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