weighing the fun

I'm trying to decide what to do show-wise for the month of April. Initially I wasn't going to show anyone, but there are TWO shows on the SAME weekend and both are equally inviting.

One is a UKC obedience show, drawback there is that it's just one show per day and we'd be showing around conformation dogs. I don't know how well he'd handle that. Plus is that our friend Heather would be there! So I know we'd have lots of fun.

Other is a NADAC show put on by my club. I have one sound dog, and vouchers. We could play and have lots of fun there too.

My other option is doing one day of each. Since tunnelers and touch n go are never offered on the same day, that would be a secondary. We love jumpers and chances (most of the time) so I'm willing to do either day. Just have to make a decision.

Or none, but that doesn't sound like a very fun option.

Oh yeah, none of these are due until the first week in April either so I have a lot of time to think!

I need a new job, then this would be a much easier decision!

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