School and dog show this weekend

Well, school has started and I've made it to Wednesday! That's reason to celebrate!

Monday was a very crazy day at school. I felt like my head was going to explode and was seriously questioning my craziness in creating the schedule I did. Thankfully today was much better. It'll be just fine.

I love my Tuesdays and Thursdays. I only have one class and it is from 12-2.

This weekend it's time for obedience! Buzz and I did quite a bit of work on heeling closer and fronting closer. He's such a good boy and I just want him to have fun. He's never going to be a 199 dog because I just don't have the drive, but I am hoping we'll be able to achieve above a 190 sometime during his obedience career.

It's taken quite a bit of work to get my "not naturally heads up heeling" dog to heel with his head up. I'm still not sure how dependable it is, but I do know he understands it to some degree now. We did a lot of work on him keeping his eyes on me when moving from a halt into heeling, as that's where he generally has to drop his head to move out. I'm excited for this weekend!

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