Hmph, gotta decide which classes I REALLY want to enter for the March trials.

We're doing one day of the A-1 trial (Saturday) which means we can choose from: CC, 2 Reg, J, Tg, Wv, Hp

I'm definitely running Buzz in both regular rounds, jumpers, and touch n go (all novice). I think that's enough for one day when he'll be running more the next weekend.

The ACTS trial is the next weekend and it's non-jumping classes. I was hoping we'd have two tunnelers runs per day but it wasn't meant to be. The breakdown for that weekend is:
Sat: 2 Tg, 1 Tn, 2 Wv, 1 Hp
Sun: 2 Tg, 1 Tn, 2 Wv, 1 Hp

I'll be attending both days with Buzz (just can't pass it up)! I think I'll run all touch n go and tunnelers runs and I'm still thinking about weavers. I'd like to at least try it with him (since we need to do weavers), but I'm not sure how successful we'll be or how enjoyable I can make it for him. Maybe I'll do one run of it on Saturday? I guess I'll decide when the premium comes out.

I plan to run Bailey in tunnelers and both rounds of weavers, just one day. Hoping I can get some good weaves and some really good rewards in there.

I'm so excited and can't wait for March! Agility THREE weekends in a row (even if the first two we'll just be there one day, it's still three weekends of agility)!

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