I finally got Bailey's PRA certificate from the U of MO. I got one initially, but there were a few errors (must have been my writing) so I asked for hers to be corrected.

They had blood drawn at the end of August. After prodding I received unofficial results the middle of October. In November I received the certificates to find Bailey's registered name spelled wrong and the registration number wrong. Can't send that in so I asked for it to be corrected. They were so filled up with the National that my request couldn't be honored until now. It really doesn't matter, I was just getting frustrated that I wasn't hearing anything at all. Gotta remember to send a "thank you" email now. I really do appreciate all they are doing. It is so very helpful for our breed.

I wanted an accurate one anyways, but I also planned to send hers in since:
A) it's free since she's affected
B) hers might actually have an impact on someone's breeding choices
C) I enjoy the OFA database :)

I'm currently trying to decide if I should send Buzz's in. His would cost me $15.

I'll probably send it in next time he gets CERF'd. I plan to do cardiac on him next August (2008) at the TCVESSA specialty since he's PRA clear. The plan for the year after (August 2009) is to CERF again to check for signs of problems not related to PRA (I guess we'd be looking for cataracts).

Bailey will be CERF'd yearly now. I need to know what's going on and the only way is to CERF her.

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