Training Today

The goal for today was pivots. Bailey is doing a REALLY nice job. I brought out the hat box, and she's just working beautifully. I'm still getting times where she suddenly shuts off. Today I was very. good. and put her in her crate for a break. I worked Buzz for a while and when I brought her back out she was just fine. No idea what happens, but this worked today.

She's sticking close, scooting her rear, and just being a really good dog with all this turning work.

Buzz is getting a TON better. He still doesn't stay very tight to me, but he IS moving (unlike when we did UKC rally). I'm working on the hat box with him still and taking very small steps so his little steps bring him up to position. He thinks the hat box is fun to stand on.

One issue I'm having with Bailey is front. Still. I thought the position was clear, but I've learned especially tonight that it is not. I'm not sure what to do to help her. She defaults to heel position if she's unsure.

Ideas on helping her with front? She gets the general area, and sometimes they're brilliantly straight and sometimes they're NOT good. I heavily reward the straight ones and try not to let her complete the ones that look crooked. Hmph.


Crystal said...

Have you tried using Sue Ailsby's levels for the fronts? That's the best method I've found so far, though I admit: our fronts aren't so hot, either.

Megan said...

I did actually teach Buzz that, step by step (there's video somewhere) and I went through it with Bailey. It was, oh... three years ago now though and I'm sure it wasn't ever super solid. I actually started this morning doing a walking front and rewarding in standing position. She likes the movement piece, and it really helps me to ensure she's positioned correctly. We do trial this weekend, but I'm sure she'll have her sit back by then.

Sue Ailsby is goooood! I love how good Buzz is about his fronts and moving (well, before his spondylosis... he still tries now).

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

i think pivots are so fun to teach :)

As for fronts, I also like Sue Ailsby like Crystal said. But one of my favorite games is asking for a front (usually with a sit) and then quickly opening up my legs and throwing a treat through if it's relatively striaght. If it's not straight I just take a step or 2 back and repeat until I'm happy with their current level. the thrown treat makes it more fun and also encourages the dog to come in really close and straight.

Megan said...

Bailey's front work tonight was very good again. I've gotten good about moving if she's coming in crooked. Tonight though a new issue popped up. Walking/trotting fronts she wasn't staying focused on me. She focuses when I slow/stop, but she doesn't maintain eye contact. She's not looking at the ground either. I c/t whenever she would make eye contact, whether it was in position or not. I'm confused about how to handle that part, or doesn't it matter?!

Kristen said...

If she's not being attentive think:
What is your criteria?

It may not be important that she is looking up at you. Does she have attention heel? Do you want that? If you do want that and know she's likely physically able to do it...back off and go back to requiring attention.