A Most Excellent Day!

We really had an awesome day. Really! We did well, friends did well, it was just great!

Bailey started the morning off nicely. She was just on, beautiful, and happy during her obedience run. She walked into the building confidently and never lost that confidence. Whatever has bothered her in the past, did not bother her today (or it's that magical fluoxetine doing something). She really, really did more than hold it together. We worked as a team. 194 and Second place in Novice B. Really REALLY nice front on her recall over the bar jump. REALLY nice! Her heeling was a little wide on right turns, but I was so happy with her. Once I got her onto her hip (I need to put that on cue), she stayed. Not relaxed, but intent on me, but she stayed for her honor. Same thing again tomorrow!

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! Not our most excellent scores, but really, truly, they were handler points. I did redos on things I shouldn't have.

Trial 1
L1B-197, no placement

Trial 2

His left turns and pivots were mostly really nice. All of his fasts, except the first, were spot on, he maintained until I slowed. Laura got video of THREE runs for us. We love Laura!

I'm doing trial secretary duties then SLEEPING. We're all exhausted!

Friends did REALLY nicely today too... but like Dawn we're not spilling anyone else's beans.
(*cough Laura cough*)


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I wish I gotten to see Bailey's runs. Glad she did so well and was a confident girl!

I did see Buzz do great though! Really nice job out there today!

doberkim said...

its so funny - the judge you guys have out there is the one rah freaked out on, but she's very nice - tell kim (the judge) that kim and oohrah, the big blue dobe says hi :)

Megan said...

Russ and Kim are both excellent judges. So easy to work with. Russ makes me laugh a LOT! That's always good!

I would have said HI! If I saw this before the trial. I think she's stuck in MPLS for the night though. They said Chicago wasn't landing any planes (she had a layover in Chicago).