I've been GOOD!

We trained tonight. Already!

Bailey worked walking/trotting fronts first. I walked backwards and c/t for being in front position. Placement of reinforcer was something I hadn't been considering as much as I could have been. We did 1/4 a cup of kibbles fronting. Then she got put away and I took Buzz out for some APDT work. He did leave dog, run, call dog to front work. I bet we'll see it this weekend, with it a level two sign and him being entered in level 2 four times. It's been really hard since he's deaf because it has more components to it.

When I took Bailey out we worked pivots on the hat box. She's REALLY enjoying this activity. We've been ending it with pivots on the flat. She's so silly and fun. Why didn't I teach this before?

More updates while I'm printing stuff for this weekend. Off to buy colored paper to do it!


Crystal said...

Oh, crap. I haven't worked on the leave dog-call front while running in a VERY long time.

Well... I was wondering when the dog show jitters would hit!!

Can't wait to see you this weekend. :)

Megan said...

I asked for a couple ideas on how to help Buzz and I have a better chance of success. I'm not sure if I'll have to ask for an exercise modification, but I'm going to clap with both hands as my signal to come/move, so it's harder for him to miss (he should see it out of his peripheral vision if I happen to lose his focus).

I need to practice it now though!

Dog show jitters... yeah.