Rasza had a dental

When he went in for a FeLV/FIV/HWT test in November, it was pointed out to me how bad his teeth are. Eugh.

Today he had a dental done, and we encountered a BAD tooth! Dr. N wanted to remove four teeth from his mouth. Three canines (both lower, one upper) and a pre-molar. She started working on the lower right canine and it did NOT want to budge. She couldn't keep prying, due to his jaw, so Dr. E tried and it still took them over half an hour to get that tooth out. It NEEDED to come out, but it didn't want to!

In the end, they extracted both bottom canines today and he'll have to go in again. His teeth are clean and sparkly tonight, and he ate well, so I think he'll be fine. He has a hole in his lip though, that I noticed a while back, that was apparently where his rotted tooth (the other one) was draining through! I felt horrendous he'd gone through that, but I had no idea! It was weird to see them flush the hole with chlorhexidine and have it go through!

He's still a bit wobbly, but doing well. I doubt I'll get him in the cat crate anytime soon though. We'll have to work on that!

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