A Messy Brain (and stress)

I've meant to blog a lot lately, about important things, I assure you, but I just haven't. My brain is messy lately. Thoughts are forming, but not well!

Tonight was a big thinking night and I'm exhausted. I need to update on ARFF, Buzz's acupuncture and massage, Bailey's stress issues, and I need to look into things such as a better fitting muzzle for Bailey, renting ring space, or attending open ring time at buildings where we can just hang out, checking with the vet about a potential skin yeast infection for Buzz... and about a million other things, Oh, and CAMP STUFF!

Eeep! I need to sleep, but I need to process a lot of stuff too. Not gonna happen tonight, that's for sure. How do people survive? I'm trying this real-world thing, and I agree with what a friend said--I think it's all a hoax! No sane person lives in the real world, at least not all the time!

Good news, the dogs are tired and after eating dinner, went to sleep! I'm following


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