Random Ramblings...

So, as I sit to write things for my dreaded math portfolio... of course my mind goes to the dogs!

Everytime I think about who to enter in what for the TCVESSA Speciality, I just contradict myself. I hate wasting money, so I don't want to enter too much stuff where I know I'd miss a ring time. Last year I just entered altered sweeps one day and then obed/rally the next. That worked fine I guess but I want to do more. It's my goal to do rally both days. The current proposed plan is this:

(Speciality only on Thursday and Friday but supported entries on Saturday and Sunday)
Thursday: Bailey in altered sweeps and Rally

Friday: Bailey in Rally and Obedience; Buzz in Rally

Saturday: Bailey in Agility (STD & JWW) and Rally

Now, I REALLY need to think if this will stress my dog out too much. The reason Buzz is only entered once is because it'll probably take me all summer to be confident enough to enter him in Advanced again. We have a LOT of work to do. Therefore, if I don't think he's ready, we'll enter in Novice B "for fun" and I'll use it for training. But if he is magically ready, then I don't want to overdo it. ONE day will be PLENTY. Bailey stresses SO easily. I don't want to do too much but she LOVES Rally! And it's GREAT for building her confidence because she has yet to NOT enjoy herself in Rally. Depending on what this summer looks/feels like weather-wise I'll see if we actually enter agility. It's outdoors on grass, and really nice but if it's hot, she's NOT going to have fun or run well so that'd be a total bust and stupid on my part.

I just can't wait to WORK with my dogs regularily again and enjoy them! Hopefully we'll have a grand summer and I can post training stuff instead of my ramblings that stop me from doing my homework...

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