NADAC April 21st

Today was pretty good. It was grand seeing all of our friends again... though my "plan" didn't go as planned (do they ever?). I thought we'd be running regular first, but we ran tunnelers... which showed I hadn't shown in a while! My handling was off and caused her to miss two tunnel entrances. We GOT them but I was just being weird... so we were over time by 4 seconds. That's ok though because she really had fun and was moving at the end.

Then we had regular and encountered weaves at the third obstacle. I asked her to enter them, she tried 'em, missed... called her back did the happy "yay! GOOD girl" when she came back and tried again... she was stressed *crap* so we went on. Tunnel, a frame, jump, tunnel was part of the couse then we took the last jump and she led me to her treats. It worked well, she was VERY happy and it was grand. Just wish we coulda done that first.

It was fabulous seeing everyone again. I miss them all SO much, they're SO nice and awww... it was just great. I wish I was going again tomorrow but my dogs are pooped (though Buzz didn't run we worked quite a bit at the trial), groomed, and Bailey even had a bath... it was a BUSY day!

I want more agility and class and friends! But now I need to buckle down for finals... *sigh*

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