It's been another one of those "dangerous thinking days" here at college. Inbetween the occasional burst of being productive school-wise I've been thinking about "dog stuff" as my friends would say.

I had plans to finish Bailey's CDX by the end of the year, but in light of recent developments... I think we'll be lucky to finish her CD. Not that I don't think she has the potential, but I don't have the money to bring her to the classes we both need. So, we'll continue to play around, and I'm still thinking about what our schedule at the TCVESSA speciality will be like.

As of now, I just want to find a close show where we can go one day to do rally. She's enjoyed that a LOT so far and is much more relaxed in that ring. I need to find run throughs and good classes before we enter the obedience rings again. She's fully capable, except for those nerves and my novice-ness. We're learning together though.

She is entered on the 21st in NADAC. We're gonna go play in TUNNELS! I'm very excited about that especially since we will hopefully be running regular first. I have PLANS to pull her off the course to a BIG CHICKEN PARTY! This will probably be after the weaves unless they're at the end. It'll really depend on the course as to what I do.

I'm sure we'll have tons of fun, espcially since we'll get to see our friends again!

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