Training Tuesday

With the puppy gone, I have MUCH MORE TIME to dedicate to training my own dogs again.

Sure, they're elderly. Nope, they're not going to be competing seriously. Of course they still love to train!

Tonight Bailey worked on some hat box sits, pivots, and dumbell retrieves (I need to rebuild a much more solid hold with a more defined release). She worked for most of her dinner and the rest was fed out of a food toy.

Buzz worked on bows, backing up, and letting me work on his shoulder. He also worked on being really, really adorable while begging for more food.

I need another Buzz.
His name is Max.

I would call him Rex.


Robin Sallie said...

Well? Are you getting him?

Robin Sallie said...

And you'll have to get him a green collar if he is going to be Rex.

Megan said...

I need a few more things to work out first. He has a ruptured cruciate so that'd be over $1000? in surgical costs right off the bat, not something I have just lying around. But oh my gosh, the want is so extreme! My mom says "whose little spaniel is that?!" She definitely thought it was Buzz in the photo.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

That's funny, Max doesn't look tollerish to me...

Megan said...

But he... LOOKS LIKE BUZZ and I adore Buzz! (That's probably a horrible reason to get a dog, right?)

What's one more elderly dog, right?