Buzz and I

Buzz and I went for a walk this afternoon. Just the two of us. While he was gone last week, Bailey and I had a lot of one-on-one outings, just by default. In the dead of winter I usually wimp out and take both dogs walking together since we have to pack up and drive somewhere. Today I took advantage of the opportunity to hike, just the two of us.

We visited one of our usual winter stomping grounds complete with a coffee shop that allows dogs! Buzz had a grand old time and I snapped a couple pictures of him with my phone. I enjoy posing him on things and he doesn't seem to mind, so that's usually what I end up with.

We were out for at least an hour and a half so by the end he was a little tired, but I'd say he's still doing pretty darn well for being 13.5 years old!

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