adventures of an "only dog"

My mom had surgery on her neck last Wednesday. In order to make life easier right now, Buzz's most favorite Auntie Elizabeth is watching him while we get through the first week post surgery.

Buzz Photo Fail
This is because I'm having to take all potentially-annoying beasts with me or confine them while I'm gone during the day. While I can bring both dogs to work and crate them while I work, Buzz is pretty sure that's some kind of inhumane dog treatment. Every time I bring him to work he BARKS and WHINES and is generally a VERY UNHAPPY dog. It makes me sad. If I try to take Buzz to work more than 2 days in a row he hides when I get his car gear out.

However, Bailey is quite good at this whole hang out at work thing. She comes to work with me sometimes even when she doesn't have to. She has "her" crate at work in a location that's pretty uneventful and she mostly naps while I work, comes out at lunch, and naps while I work some more.
Bailey Photo Fail
Unnecessary back-story? Probably.

Bailey's pretty sure this only dog stuff is AWESOMESAUCE. She goes everywhere with me. We stayed at Tim's Friday and Saturday night. She's got this city-dog-life figured out. We travel in the car a lot. Every time I leave the house she goes with me.

I fear for her reality check when she doesn't go everywhere with me. For now though, she's having a blast.

(I need to get out and take pictures with my own dogs again, after they've been groomed... which will happen. Someday, soon?)


Eliz said...

Buzz is very happy, every morning he plays the, who can pee on the most stuff game with Beckett.

Megan said...

A game only they understand the point of completely!?

I'm very, very happy he could stay with you!