Happy Dogs

I have happy dogs tonight. It certainly isn't due to exercise (as they barely got walked today), it's not because their brains are tired (I trained absolutely nothing today), so what's left?!


There are days I say life without chewies is a sad life indeed! Bailey and I had to return some car parts near the pet food store in town today. Of course this means we had to stop in at the store and of course that means she got to pick something out. I may have influenced her decision a little but I don't think she was upset.

Beef Tracheas!
(Or Moo Tubes)
(Or Windies)

I really need to place a stock up order rather than buying them one at a time! I'd save so much money (in theory...)!

But for tonight, I have happy dogs!

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Annie said...

Ah! The joy of a good chew! One of Bella's favorite "sneaks" from the recycling is cardboard. Once I hear that tell-tale rustle, I know it's time for a good chew! In fact, I'm going to give her one as soon as I finish typing!