They should be fat.

My dogs are garbage disposals.  I give them left-over everything.  Tonight, dinner was served in peanut butter containers.  I finally had two and now they're happily eating peanut butter coated kibbles.  They eat a lot of what I might make for myself and then just don't want or don't like.

They really should weigh a lot more than they do.  But I still don't understand how some dogs get so fat.  I cut back on their daily ration and increase exercise if there's a couple days in a row of more than normal extras.

Bailey weighed in at 40 pounds a week ago.  She's got a little extra because she hasn't done anything in forever, but she's far from fat.

Buzz usually weighs in around 52 pounds and I'd guess he's about right there.

I certainly don't do a good job of controlling what I eat as well as I control theirs!


Kristen said...

Obviously a draw back of clicker training is that the dogs get fat.

But really....trainers/enthusiasts very very very rarely have overweight dogs....even with all the food!

Megan said...

We do tend to pay attention to our dog's weight more than the general public. Even if we're not all doing high impact sports, there is an awareness that "lighter is better" and most follow that rule.

Skinny-mini will be at the clinic tomorrow if I need to use her to demonstrate "healthy weight" to anyone! :-)