Duration Nose Target

During one of Ken's talks, we saw a video of a marine mammal doing a front appendage and nose target on the wall for an exam.  It made me start thinking about how nice that behavior would be for pet animals to have.  Especially the wiggly puppies or nervous dogs.  If we can give them a behavior to do and build the reincorcement history, would exams go more smoothly?

I started using Bailey's sticky nose target the day I got home.  We've been working on proofing the behavior of "keep your nose in my palm until told otherwise."  So far I can kick my legs all around and someone can poke her.  She has to see the person first for it to be okay, but she allows it all with tail wagging.

I'd like to be able to use this behavior for future physical exams.  It'll be something she knows how to do and it should give the examiner a better way of examining.  Instead of a puddle on the floor, there will be a dog standing straight.

I wasn't sure if I should admit this, but I've started working with Rascal too.  Can I teach my cat a sticky nose target well enough to use it in a stressful environment?  I guess we'll see.


Kristen said...

What is a "front appendage"?


Griffin did his OFA sedation injections by standing on his back legs. That was WAY better than when we tried having him standing normally.

I want cat videos/pictures!

Robin Sallie said...

Can you teach my puppy to do it?