"What did you do tonight?"

Dude, I accomplished a lot of stuff!

  1. Walked all three dogs---Fritz separately, Buzz & Bailey together.
  2. Buzz did all his exercises.
    1. Front leg lifts, 3 reps of 20 seconds each leg
    2. Nose touch to hip/treat stretches
    3. Bows!
  3. Bailey did hers too!
    1. Stand on the peanut for 30 seconds (she's turning around on the ball again, I need to ask if that's allowable or not).
    2. Quad stretch
  4. Dremel nails!
    1. Rascal
    2. Bailey
    3. Rasza (only front feet so far)
    4. Fritz--he's getting better but still tries to get up multiple times
    5. Buzz has not been done yet and I may not do his tonight, he's got super hairy feet... don't want to pull his hair out!
  5. Fritz is getting up on the peanut now.  I started him the same way I started Bailey.  Launch off it!
  6. Buzz & Bailey have Kongs for dinner.  Behold the power of food toys!
I think that's enough for tonight!  What did you do?


Crystal said...

Packed for Clicker Expo.

Kristen said...

I time traveled. One minute we finished training. When I got in my car to go home, it was five hours later.

Megan said...

Crystal-HAVE SO MUCH FUN! Take really good notes and actually share the notes, like I didn't!

Kristen-That is quite impressive. Time travel is much desired. Why don't you share your talent?

Dawn said...

UM, nothing. Bad dog mom huh!