Sorry for the poor quality.  I was just happy my camera complied long enough to get a couple pictures before it said "I AM TOO COLD!"
Snow dogs were happy with snow, only when in complete winter gear.

Buzz knows how to stay warm.  It involves 2 jackets and some boots.

I emailed Muttlucks again to ask about buying a single boot and no response... so we have 3 Muttlucks and a reandom, red, cheap boot.


Crystal said...

Maisy was miserable outside until I put her (homemade, because Muttluks don't fit little dogs) booties on. Then she ran around like a crazy dog.

Megan said...

Boots work wonders. Bailey rarely needs/wears a jacket but those boots are wonderful. I remember your dilemma with Maisy's feet last year, so glad you have a solution now!

*taps foot* still waiting to hear from the Muttlucks company! (Shouldn't the fact that these three have lasted for like, seven years, mean anything? I'll write a freaking review if they want, and I'm not asking them to GIVE me a boot, I just want to be able to buy a single one, rather than waste 3 others!)

Kristine said...

Indeed! That is a mega load of snow. I admit to being slightly jealous. :-P

That warm weather gear looks awesome. What a smart idea for dogs that struggle with colder weather.