Developing A Training Plan

We have a new "clinic cat" at work.  She's a little kitten that was found out and about in the winter weather.  A kind citizen brought her in.  My boss promised her a home before the holidays and since nobody has come forward, she's become the newest addition!

Which means she needs vaccines and sterilization and other fun things clinic cats get.  I've wanted a new pupil for a while now and what's better than a food motivated, silly little kitten?!

I've never been good about creating a training plan and actually using it.  Since I would like this to be as effective as possible and accomplished in the shortest amount of time possible, I'm going to create, and stick to, a training plan.

I won't share my loftiest goal, but I will share what I hope to accomplish along the way.

1) Relaxed blood draw behavior
2) Kennel on cue
3) Go to mat

The plan is to ask tomorrow if I can work with the adorable kitten, if my voice will cooperate.  It is currently on vacation without me.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Oh what fun! I did a little bit of training with Luke about a year ago, working on beg, shake, and spin. But man cats are stubborn! He is food obsessed yet didn't want to subject himself to actually working for it!

Kristine said...

I've been wondering if there is a way to train our cat to do simple behaviours. He is older now but I think the key would be finding his motivation. Maybe really stinky fish?

Good luck! I can't wait to read about your progress.

Kristen said...

I hope you'll be able to!

Robin Sallie said...

Cats are easily train if you can find a reward that they care about. Sadie, my last cat, would fetch, turn on and off the bedroom light, walk at heel on a lead, got to mat (and stay to be released), sit, down and sit up in a beg. I used anchovy paste or baby food meat in a camping tube.

What you'll need to make your own paste:
- 18 fresh anchovy fillets
- 4 Tbsp olive oil
- 1 Tbsp wine vinegar
- 1 clove garlic

First, blend the anchovies in a food processor or blender. Peel and crush the garlic, then mix with the vinegar.

Next, stir in the oil little by little while whisking the mixture. When the mixture is blended, add the anchovies.

I then put it into a camp tube and give a lick at a time as a reward.

You can buy it too, but the store brought one has a LOT of salt.