We've been doing our stretches and ball work dutifully.  We are failing at exercising (well, the dogs and I are... I am not, for once, whee).  It is SO COLD outside that even with boots and jackets and activity, we are limited to the driveway and while it's pretty long, it gets boring after a couple passes.  This morning Buzz went out to pee, walked to the shed and stopped.  He looked at me and walked back to the front door.  He made that pretty clear.

I keep saying I should just bring him to work and put him on the treadmill, so that's what I'll do tomorrow.  We'll go to work and he'll exercise on my lunch hour while I eat lunch and/or read a book.  Hahahaha, oh yes, I'll be laughing at him.

If I remember, I'll bring my camera.  He's never been on the treadmill at work before, but I doubt he'll have any problems with it.

Bring it on Midwest Winter, bring it on!  We can work around you!