"The Golden Years"

Buzz will be 13 in May.  I've tried to make sure he's still getting physical and mental stimulation as he likes, because who wants to be forgotten in their golden years?  Last night we had a "meeting of the minds" with some good friends and a sleepover (I can count on one hand how many times Buzz and I have had a sleep over)!  He interacted with Beckett, Via, and Elvis as well as the myriad of people around all night long, he had a blast!  So much fun in fact, that I had to crate him to get him to sleep last night!
Watching waffles being made!
We then went to training group this morning where he worked for a good portion of the hour.  It was evident he'd been to a sleep over, but was happy to be there and to be working!

Beckett has learned how to use the pivot box!

I've been taking him to work with me to see people and use the treadmill since it has been WAY too cold for outdoor activities.  When it does warm up again, I hope to resume at least once weekly walking in town.

I've not been good about using food toys, but I plan to start doing that again.  I can take Bailey for her walk in the morning before work and leave the tug a jug out for Buzz (yay for multi-tasking)!

What do you do in the winter to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated?

I'm looking for Bailey specific activities too.  She doesn't like coming to work and isn't generally satisfied with town walks.  She does like going to Tractor Supply to go shopping, but there's so few things we need from there that it's realistic about once a month.  I do alternate dogs when going to training group, but then she's only getting out every other week at best.


Crystal said...

Our house is laid out in a circle, so we stand in the kitchen, pretend to kick Maisy's ball, and she takes off running around the circle. Lather, rinse, repeat for 20 minutes.

elegy said...

I've been trying to play more nosework/find it games since we haven't been doing much outdoor time at all. Steve doesn't like it at all (he just runs around in circles and chews/shakes his ball while the other dogs play), but Mushroom LOVES it and he certainly can use the mental stimulation.

Megan said...

Buzz plays fetch up and down the hallway a couple times. Maybe 5... haha. I can so see Maisy doing that though, and with a lot of enthusiasm!

I have the boxes on the ping pong table downstairs (doesn't everyone store things on a ping pong table...?) because I've been meaning to do more nosework. Thanks for reminding me!

Dawn said...

We have been doing nosework as well. Its amazing how much the mental stimulation has on the corgi crew. Last night I hid about 20 treats for the 4 to find. Which leaves a lot of scent, so it took them a good 5 minutes to find them all, but once they were done, they all settled to relax a bit. Love that!