Walks and Bully Sticks

I was exhausted after work today and came home for a nap. By the time I woke up it was very dark. Sometimes I'll take Bailey for a run in the fields when it's dark but I just didn't feel comfortable doing that today. We headed into our bigger little town to walk the "usual loop." I refuse to walk on our road in the dark. In town we meet a few drunkards, but it's well lit and generally a nice walk. We parked at the overlook and walked to The Drive In across the river. It's 3-4 miles (one of these days I'll actually figure out how long it is) and a good enough walk for them to sleep at night.

When we got home Buzz got a treat he hasn't had in a couple of years. A bully stick! I got some other things at Fur-Get-Me-Nots and they were right there at the check out, so I got one for each dog. Buzz is just overjoyed! He's so easy to please, a walk and a bully stick and he's content.

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