My dog is sound. That's one good thing from the night.
My dog never tuned me out. That's another good thing.
She never reacted beyond a stare. That's ANOTHER good thing.
She was able to go to her crate pad on the cue "place" at about 95% accuracy. She maintained her place (with a cheater "wait" cue thrown in) while I walked the course the first time of the night.
See, good things DID happen.

And for now we'll leave out the actual agility part.


Sugar said...

Ah yes, so many good things! Who needs to actually discuss the agility part, when there are so many good things?

Great blog. I often hit the "next blog" arrow on google, just to see what follows my dog's blog (lifewithsugar.blogspot.com) You are the first dog blog I've found, after checking out "next blog" on blogspot...

Anyhow, wanted to say "hi" and tell you "great blog!"

Chrissy said...

Yes, focus on the positive! if you don't than you'll just drive yourself crazy!

Megan said...

That I would, trying to figure out way too much. I still don't have a real plan, but I have a training plan... it involves obedience, tracking, and basic agility behaviors for now. That, we can do.