Trials, Classes, Issues, etc.

Buzz has been working well for me in Rally. I'm trying to decide if I want to try classes again with him and pursue his UCDX or not. We have all of the principle parts of the exercises (except that darned out of sight sit apparently) and I feel like we can do it, but is the jumping too much for him? The MMBC is offering veterans classes at their February trials. I know he can handle three rally runs each day if they're spread out, but I don't know about four. I really want to finish his ARCH, so I think I want to focus on that. We need four more double Qs which is very attainable... we just need to do it! He also has one Q for his RL3 which is probably as far as we'll go in that regard.

Bailey is having obedience issues again. Part of it could be pain, part of it could be medications, part of it could be just who she is. Regardless, I'm going to be good about getting out to run throughs with her. We don't need specific classes right now because she is having mini to moderate melt downs in the ring lately. We need to get out and work and get her comfortable enough to play with me in the ring. We have one CDX Q, two more and that I know we can do! I am also going to send in her CDSP registration. It'll give us more practice and that is something we definitely need!

CDSP registration will have "Aroha's Limited II Irish Creme" which is the same as her CPE registration. Much better than "Madam Bailey Angel" in my world!

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