I have...

  1. Two super amazingly cool dogs
  2. Amazing Ben-brother who put a new radio/cd player in my old car "just because"
  3. Super Chris-brother who always helps me out whenever I ask for it
  4. New running shoes that are THE best ever... I LOVE new running shoes
  5. Air conditioning
  6. A farm to visit that has lots of wildlife and walking paths
  7. The St. Croix River to look at early morning when the fog is just lifting
  8. Hot chocolate from Ali because she knows it always makes me happy
  9. Good friends to talk to on the phone
  10. Caring, thoughtful, and kind "dog friends" who are frequently more than just "dog friends"
  11. A mom who understands my "animal obsession" and helps me out no matter what it is I need
  12. A trip to the MN ZOO planned because it's probably my favorite place ever
  13. Wannigan Days to (hopefully) hang out with Ben-brother and play catch up with our lives
  14. A really funny and cute nephew named Owyn
  15. A friend named Kristen! :)

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