100th Post!

Woohoo! Can I collapse though?!?! :)

I've worked the last three days at BOTH jobs.
Thursday was 8-2:30 at the Cafe and 4-close (left about 9:15) at P&C.
Friday was 6-1 at the Cafe and 4-close (left about 9:05) at P&C.
Today was 7:30-10:30 at the Cafe and 12-4 at P&C.

Friday was by far the LONGEST day EVER! But I also made over $60 in tips at the Cafe so... hah!

Buzz news: Pathology report came back and the lump wasn't cancerous! Apparently it was something that acts/looks like cancer but isn't. Still had to come off and that makes me triply relieved. Clean margins too! :) Restricted activity until next Friday and we'll see how he's doing then.

Bailey news: Tracking class went REALLY well on Tuesday. We get to graduate to a 10' leash! WOOHOO! We'd been on a 5' since the start. Her corners are REALLY improving. We're back to using food on the track and that's FINE with me. Most times she blows over it but if she "needs it" it's there. Her weaving is MARVELOUS (for her). I'm quite impressed and need to get a video soon. I can't WAIT to show her again! Yippy! We've also done more broad jump work and I think I have FINALLY taught clearly what the broad jump expectations are. I can send her from *almost* anywhere and she'll take it straight on. I'd like a *little* more distance after the jump, and we'll work on that but it's a fairly solid behavior now and that makes me very happy!

And now... I AM going to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing... until the dogs need to go outside! :) Tomorrow is my DAY OFF from BOTH JOBS! I am SO freaking excited!!!!!!!

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