Nope, not school for the dogs.  School for me.  Yay, more school!

It really helps my ability to be productive when I
A) Enjoy the topic of study
B) Am sufficiently physically exercised
C) Sufficiently rested
D) Sufficiently fed
E) Enjoy the topic of study
F) Ensure the creatures are sufficiently exercised

Tonight's study session was HOURS long with only school-related interruptions.  I'm sure there's something I can apply from this to dog training, but instead I'm heading back to do more homework.

Fun fact of the night: "girls with Asperger's syndrome may be more difficult to recognize and diagnose due to coping and camouflaging mechanisms" (Tony Attwood, The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome 2007).

It also helps when you have a friend interested in the same field, in a different light, to discuss information with.  It's like having classmates who are smart and interesting, at my fingertips!  He also had a professor who is quoted in this book frequently, so that part is kinda-really-fun too!

School is also a reason for the decrease in blog post frequency, though not directly I suppose.

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Eliz said...

I'd love to hear about what your learning!