A Request

I know this is a dog blog, but our resident black and white feline is having urinary problems... again (he blocked the summer of 2006).  We visited the veterinarian today after I noticed him urinating on the carpeting and in a suitcase.  Thankfully his bladder wasn't full, he is still able to urinate, but it is definitely in small amounts.

Tomorrow we visit the veterinarian again.  Good thoughts for my little monster please?  We're really hoping we caught it early enough to avoid sedation/physically unblocking, but we'll know more tomorrow.

He rules the roost, and knows it.

He's in a kennel at home tonight so I can monitor input and output until we head into work tomorrow.  Of course he enjoyed his dinner of canned Hills c/d, which hopefully won't be a long term thing again.  I have thoughts on this urinary problem, but they'll have to wait for tomorrow.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Ooh I do wish the kitty well. I worry so much about our cat with bladder issues and am wondering if he will need to be rehomed. Once again Luke had blood in his urine after Avery left (the pup we had for 2wks) and I don't know that his cat can handle the stress of new dogs coming in and out even though he appears to not care. Anwyays, I really hope he doesn't get blocked!

Kristine said...

Poor little guy! I hope everything goes well and he is okay. That can't be a lot of fun.