"I have no reason not to be sleeping right now"

Seriously.  I have absolutely no reason not to be sleeping right now.

Lance has this awesome foot crossing trick on the cue of Laura's feet.  I've admired it for a long time and never really gotten around to teaching it.  Tonight we started working on it.  I'm not sure how Laura taught the behavior, but I started with a target because we love foot targets!  My goal was to place my target and click for the motion of moving the foot toward it.  I was NOT expecting her to be so quick while laying down!  She made contact with my hand pretty often.  Re-evaluation time!

In the end she was actively offering foot "things" which is pretty normal.  I got a couple really nice crosses, but they weren't very deliberate.  I need to video sessions again now that we have video capabilities.  I bet my timing was off just enough to be shaping a different part of the planned trick.  I'm not sure what kind of cue I'll put it on.  The two people I know who have this trick on cue use different cues.

One thing she offered that was utterly adorable was laying on her side and crossing her paws.  I rewarded it, how could I not?  In fact, I debated THAT being our trick instead.

I really should be sleeping, we really should be working on scent articles, I really should be packing, I really should be doing homework, I really should be blogging about important things.  I shouldn't say how many blog posts I have started over the last week and... left in drafts!

Bailey and I are going to bed.  Where we'll dream of foot target behaviors.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

It is a cute trick. I am really proud of it with the corgi since it took me months. Lance kept coming up with excuses and told me his stubby legs couldn't get a complete cross. Liar! I use "pose" for one way and "Cross" the other.

Normal legged dogs don't take that long. I used a hand target (shake) instead of an actual target. Although I don't think Vito really knows it well. He will cross them but I don't think he knows the purpose is to put one foot on the top of the other, he's just aiming WAY out to the other side. I never really put it on cue either.

I can't wait to see Bailey's!

Megan said...

I did use a hand target, but I'm still failing somewhere. She'll offer it, I'll c/t, c/t, c/t while she maintains the position and then... I may get another in a little while. Definitely not offered readily. We'll see if I can get one more session in before I leave.

Lance's is adorable.