Training Notes

1) UNintentional test of Bailey's article indication went really well.  She circled me to find the track again and indicated her line.  It was both wonderful and confusing.  Nope, it was just wonderful.  Scent, line, plop.  "Mom, I found an article!"

2) Holding a dumbell and keeping her feet in like we've been working on is too much work.  Tonight Bailey learned holding objects in her mouth while sitting on her pivot... hat box.  And then we worked on splendidly close front position while holding a dumbell, on the pivot box.  Yes, my dog is that awesomely amazing.  It's fun to have a dog whose nose is at belly button level and literally puts the dumbell into your hands then.

3) Buzz thinks the FitPAWS peanut is actually kinda weird.  I plopped him on the ball, thinking nothing of it because he's my unflappable boy and he went "WHOA! mom-lady, what IS this thing?!"  So then I braced it even better and took his cone off and he happily balanced on the ball.  Win!  Hopefully he'll be able to balance it himself someday, but I'm not holding my breath.

4) Bored dogs are SO HAPPY TO TRAIN.  We went for a walk as soon as I got home from work, just on our road, came inside and started training.  They were so keyed up, it was cute.  Then I felt bad because it's been a while (we won't mention how long it's really been) since they've been worked.

More magnificent dumbell work.
Short grass tracks for both dogs with no corners.

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