happy is what you make it

the smell of fall
laughter with friends
meaningful hugs
new life
the wind blowing
hot cocoa
new socks

what makes you happy


Crystal said...

Mexican and margaritas with my friends.
My dog.
Long walks on crisp fall days.
Hot baths with trashy books (trashy in this case means The Baby-Sitters Club).

Megan said...

I think I shall go take a hot bath with a trashy book. Sadly, my trashy book may be one from the Thoroughbred series. It's seriously embarrassingly fun to read. Or, maybe I'll try The Baby-Sitters Club.

Crystal said...

Yeah, I love fluffy, no-thinking-required kid lit after a long day.

Kristine said...

Crunching fallen leaves under my feet
Curling up with my sleepy dog
Talking to my sister on the phone

Lauren said...

on the couch with a good book, a cup of tea, and a warm dog curled up against me.

(that makes me sound like i'm 80 years old, lol, but it's how I have been spending a lot of evenings lately and i love it!)