Registering "Pet" Dogs

Sparked by a conversation at work... (these are always good, I swear).

Both of my dogs were registered because at some point in time, we had planned to breed.  Also, it's "just something you do" according to my dad.  His reasons are different than a responsible breeders' might be, but it gets the same job done; puppies registered and accounted for.

One co-worker has 3 purebred, registerable dogs.  None are registered because they're all pets, and speutered. Another has 2 dogs, both registered; one was going to be bred but developed allergies, another was a rescue who came with her registration.

Many of the breeders I know ask that all puppies are registered, but don't necessarily ensure it happens.  A couple register all puppies and send the paperwork in before leaving for new homes.

Is it really as beneficial as I'm thinking, and as necessary?  I feel like it's a mixed bag.  As long as the breeder knows what was produced in the litter, and keeps tabs on the pups as they grow, then the AKC doesn't really need to know, I suppose.  On the other hand, how many people develop an interest in dog sports later on and then end up doing an ILP/the like which can just be confusing for everyone.

1) Is your dog registered?
2) Is your dog neutered/spayed?
3) Did you complete the paperwork, or did the breeder?
4) Do you compete in AKC and/or UKC events?

*1-yes, both are
*2-yes, both are
*3-we completed paperwork for both
*4-Buzz is registered with the AKC and UKC, Bailey just AKC


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

If I didn't plan on competing with Lance I never would have registered him. And you know that Vito's breeder wants the registration papers filled out and sent before you get the pup.

Chuck is not registered and neither are any of the pups in service dog training at our organization. We have most of their paperwork from the breeders who donated them, but dont bother sending it in.

I don't see any benefit for the average owner and I guess I am not knowledgeable on how it helps the breed if AKC is just a registry.

Crystal said...

Maisy's registered with APDT, CDSP and UKC... but I don't think that's what you meant. :)

I've never really thought about this. I guess any future dog I have, if purebred, will be registered simply because I'll probably want to do sports with them. I don't think I'll ever breed, but who knows? Crazier things have happened.

Dawn said...

All four of mine are registered with both AKC and UKC. All of Grace's litter was AKC registered and microchipped in my name, before they were sold. Most are still in my name, but if an owner does want to try performance they can(I encourage all of them).
Magic is neutered, the 3 girls are not although as soon as I can afford it Siren will be. All 4 do compete.

Megan said...

I guess I always assumed service dogs were registered... but I don't know why! Are Chuck's parents registered?

The only "real" benefit I see right now is it provides an accurate count of how many puppies produced, as well as contributing to the "number of dogs registered/born" in AKC/The Parent Club's publications yearly.

Crystal, crazy things happen to you... never. I don't believe it.

Dawn-that's what a lot of the breeders I've met do. Register the puppies under their name then change the registration when the puppy is sold, if need be. Did you register Magic because you knew you wanted to compete, or was he bought as a breeding prospect? (By the way, I love the input you have on these 'breeding' style topics... it's great!)

As an aside: I know Kristen was having a heart attack figuring out a registered name for Griffin before she got to take him home. I wonder how many people have trouble with that, and then regret the name later *nope, not me... never... *ahem* never*...

Kristen said...

I don't know that I was THAT distressed.

Blaze was registered a week before the deadline. It was good I had a year to think of the name....whereas I knew I'd need Griffins name before we left the breeders house.

I feel like dogs should be... but I don't know that it actually makes a difference if the dogs are not doing any activities or breeding. I do think a breed-specific registry or database is more important than AKC and that it's more useful to have everyone on that... (k9data yay!)

Dawn said...

Magics breeder and I filled out the paperwork when he came home, but yes, his breeder sold him to me as a show pup. Not that I ever had planned on breeding at all. That came when Magic didnt turn out for a show dog and Graces contract required a puppy back. Nut I will admit, as much work as puppies are, I loved having them.

Megan said...

Fine, heart attack was over-exaggerating but... you didn't have much time to think of a good Harry Potter related name.

I'm off to poll the rest of my co-workers... I'm intrigued.

Lynnda said...

All seven of my sports dogs have been AKC registered -- three ILPed. [Prior to that my two dogs were mixed breeds.] The first three were neutered/spayed the usual times. The fourth dog, a "ditch puppy", was not spayed until about 1.5 years old -- no intentions of breeding her. The fifth dog was an intact, 2.5 year old retired show dog when I got him -- I neutered him after several years. [I did have a couple of inquiries via his breeder about breeding him.] My 6th dog, also out of show lines, was spayed at around 2.5 years old -- I had been asked by a couple of show folks about possibly leasing her for a litter. I decided while Java has great structure, the world did not need any more of her personality. Ringo, my 7th dog since starting to train dogs, is still intact. Breeding future unknown. I will neuter him if it starts to get in the way -- he turned 2 in June. A side note: Over half all the dogs in the MN Hunting Spaniel club fun trials are intact: many are considered working dogs so are expected to work & get along even with all their hormones. Besides, why breed a dog that can't do his or her job [off-leash] despite distractions.
Just my 2 cents.
Oh, my two UKC registered dogs were their equivalent of ILP [no petigrees submitted.