I had big plans for tonight.  HUGE plans in fact.  It involved a lot of sleeping.  I had specifically hoped for about 12 hours.  The dogs did not think that was a good idea when I got home.  Bailey rooooed at me.  Buzz nosed me and I gave in pretty quickly.

We have a "normal" route in town used frequently in the winter and/or at night.  Today I decided to branch out and use part of the Ice Age Trail to bring us there.

Overlooking the St. Croix River Valley

We had some nice hills and trees and leaves and scents to enjoy before hitting "town" and sidewalks.  It was about a half hour-long and enough for them to get the sillies out.  Then we hit up our normal sidewalk path with a twist!  Since it was still light out, we detoured through the state park and then headed towards a favorite coffee shop (they allow dogs inside... that is truly what makes the awesomeness that is).  I got the usual Mocha and tried to take a rest. They were not interested.  So off we headed for the car.

We walked by a football game and a "scary guy" that Bailey only looked at.  He emerged from the dark and had a very low voice, but I have to give him major kudos!!  He approached slowly and talked the whole time.  She just glanced at him and kept walking... yay girlie!

By the time we got back to the car, nearly two hours had elapsed and we were READY to be headed home.

The problem though is that now I'm quite awake.  They're full and sleeping.  Lazy dogs!

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