Bettering Me

I've had so much stress and stuff on the brain lately that I've neglected to train my dogs mostly.  I've also neglected their stretching quite a bit.  This is not smart, I know this but... it is what it is.

I'm creating a calendar with a checklist for each day, right now (or, I will when I think about how to do this... maybe a checklist will be better?).  Three goals for each category should help me be successful.

Dog Goals:
Walk for at least 45 minutes on leash, off property, three times weekly.
Stretches twice daily, as directed.
Food toys at least 5 times weekly.  (Stuffed Kongs count as food toys.)

Me Goals:
30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times each week
Eat a real breakfast and pack lunch the night before (so I'm not tempted to just "grab food from the store")
Be a better and more understanding friend (TAG people, I know that's so vague and unclear but... it's all I've got right now, I need to think about ways to BE better and this is a start)


Dawn said...

I totally respect your desire to better yourself. But I do think your pretty darn special already! Good luck as you work toward your goals.

Kristen said...

You are a super friend!!!

Robin Sallie said...

That looks great. And I agree with Kristen. I love spending time with you.

Megan said...

Awww... you guys are great.

Step 1 is creating a plan
Step 2 is developing attainable criteria
Step 3 is... following through.

I'm following through at a less than 100% rate right now but more than 50%. Semi-success!

Eliz said...

I think your awesome. And I'm super excited if you want to work on some videos of training with my crappy camera or if you want walk together again.