Scent Articles

They will be the death of me.  Today Bailey reverted to doing a tracking indication (again) and bringing me every article, except the one I scented.

Less petting, more tracking food-mom-lady!

My dog loves tracking.  She's good at tracking.  She wants to know why I keep screwing with her brain.  I clearly don't understand this game.

I give up.

The end.


Kristen said...

How about you teach my dogs article indication and I'll teach your dog scent articles? Please?

Megan said...

Why do you have to live 14+ hours away (when Garmin wants me to see the Ohioan countryside... 12+ if it chooses to let me go directly home)?

Move here and I'll teach your dogs article indications.

Catalina said...

I don't know anything about scent atricles, but I love the color combo on her collar and harness! So pretty!