What can we do now?

I read about Steve's rehab and I become semi-motivated to write about Bailey's.  Their ups and downs have weirdly coincided.  Bailey doesn't see Dr. Julia until NEXT Friday, a whole three weeks since her last appointment.  After I got the picture of her sitting on the hat box, I emailed it to Dr. Julia and the reply was "HOORAY!"

I've been not good about doing all of her exercises every single day.  She's supposed to be doing paper slides, opposite leg lifting, sits, bows, treat stretches, and quad stretch morning and night.  We're supposed to do pivots right and left on the pivot box midday.  I usually get at least one set in, sometimes two, and rarely three.  I've made a pact with myself that I will get all three in for at least three days starting yesterday.  I only did part of tonight's set because she seemed sore from our walk, but that still counts!

I don't think Bailey or I understand the paper slides very well, but we do them as best we can.  Dr. Julia showed me how to do Logan Basic last time, to help me help Bailey more, but I can't seem to do it well enough to make a difference.

Rather than sounding like a broken record though, I'm happy to say my pupper is doing well.  She's doing so well in fact, I've discussed with her doctor, trying to wean her off Fluoxetine.  She's been SO good after the initial stress of lack of exercise and such, that I'm really, really thinking about it.  We've had zero incidents at the cabin with being evil to cats and guardy.  Creatures are responding to each other when necessary.  She's been relaxing nicely out in public... but the real test will come when she's allowed to actually go to classes again (I'm being optimistic here).  Until we can evaluate that, she'll remain on it.

My goal from the visit with Dr. Julia?  Cleared for tracking practice.  Her sacrum has stayed where it needs to be the last two visits.  It was "barely" out of place the visit before that.  That was my biggest concern.  We couldn't build those necessary muscles if the body wasn't staying in the right place.

Improvement.  Lots and lots of improvement for the girlie dog and I.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

that is really great news!

Dawn said...

Progress does seem to sneak up on a person or in htis case the dog, but it sure sounds like you are seeing some! Gret news.

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Hey, what's a paper slide? I'm familiar with everything else that you mentioned but not that. Now you've got me curious!

Megan said...

Paper slides are easier to demonstrate than write about but...

With the dog standing facing away from you, use a piece of durable paper to slide out from under their foot. I slide slightly to the outside but forward. One foot at a time. You want to see them pick up and replace the foot.