Dog Books

I love to read.  I don't read as much as I would like to, and when I do it's mostly girlie stuff (Nora Roberts/JD Robb, and the occasional John Grisham, et al, if it's not a dog book of some sort).

When Eric and I went to Wheels and Wings yesterday (and the day before, in the rain, to watch the truck pull...) we happened upon Motorbooks at just the right time!  It was after 3:00PM and thus you could fill a bag with as many books as it would hold, for only $30 (plus tax), a box was $60 but it really did NOT hold twice as much!  I was so excited by this because before 3, everything was "just" half price, so 2-3 books equaled $30. We went our separate ways and I grabbed almost every dog book I could, that was not written by Kyra Sundance.  (And Eric found a billion books on home repairs, cars, free calendars, mixing drinks, etc!)  I came home with some pretty neat books, and some that... well, I wouldn't have paid actual money for!

See Spot Run by Kirsten Cole-MacMurray and Stephanie Nishimoto is first on the list to be read.  It looks like fun and actually seems well put together!
Retails for $19.99

Whole Health for happy dogs by Jill Elliot DVM and Kim Bloomer is next on the list.  I'm pretty fascinated by what I paged through, and super excited to read it!
Retails for $15.99

The Safe Dog Handbook by Melanie Monteiro, for no reason other than the other two looked more exciting, is third on the list!
Retails for $19.99

Dog Lover's Daily Companion by Wendy Nan Rees and Kristen Hampshire doesn't appear to be a "read me page for page all the way through" type of book, so I'll probably look at it from time to time unless I find differently!  Definitely not something I would have bought under different circumstances.
Retails for $19.99

Love of Goldens edited by Todd R. Berger is not something I bought for myself, but I'm going to read it before it gets sent off to Ohio anyways!

The non-dog books: The Quotable Barn Cat, Rainy Day Magic, The Gourmet's Guide to Cooking with Chocolate, Digital Photography Guide, and a work out book that requires the use of things I already have!

Now I just need to finish the current JD Robb book so I can get started on reading dog books.  Reading two books at once doesn't work well with my CDO tendencies...

Oh, and I bought a book at the library sale for 50 cents, Sight Unseen by Robert Goddard.


Lauren said...

I just read the MOST AWESOMEST dog book evar! lol

It's an actual fictional story, but the author talks about calming signals and socializing puppies. It's subtle, so readers who know about dogs heave a huge sigh of relief at the knowledge instead of "the dog smiled and wagged its talk blah blah blah", but people that don't know a lick about dogs don't feel lost. It's centered around a family who owns a kennel and creates a new breed of dog.

The book is The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Awesome book. Lots of Shakespeare analogies and stuff. In case you were wondering :p

Megan said...

Haha, I'm kinda surprised you liked the book. My mom bought it for me and... it's definitely not on the "will read again" shelf!

Dog books can be fun and entertaining, and it's nice when the author is knowledgeable!