Recheck Appointment

We managed to arrive on time to Buzz's first recheck appointment.  Overall it went wonderfully well, except for the initial "Bailey is here for her appointment" scare!  Jenny needs to stop scaring me!  I only brought one dog, that would have been a problem if I brought the wrong one.

Anyway, Dr. Julia had me on the edge of my seat when she felt him and said "he might be ready for strengthening," but then changed her mind.  He's doing VERY well, but he's not doing that well.  He had some "spinal manipulations" (aka the MN legal version of chiropractic adjusments) and we were sent home with the same exercises.  His exercises are pretty easy and I do them almost religiously.  I've also given him all of his oral meds and injections ON time so far.  Go me, right?  (Having a calendar plastered to the refrigerator helps, a lot.)

So, we continue with the weight shifting (she gave me some tips on being more efficient), bows, and treat stretches.  Cross those darn fingers we get to start strengthening (and thus, going less frequently) after this Friday's appointment.  (I was hoping we could do a Monday or Wednesday but it seems everyone takes those evening appointments.)  I guess Buzz gets to come to watch the NSDTR NATIONALS conformation event with me!

Bailey did 2/3 of her diagonal leg lifts to 30 seconds tonight!  I'm still not sure if they count or not though because she was wobbly at first, then recovered.  The last was only about 15 seconds, then she started trying to lean on me.

And, for your educational fun: PennHIP vs OFA


Dawn said...

Improvements are good, so even though you are not yet where you need to be, you are getting there!

Lauren said...

I don't know what most of that means, but it sounds pretty positive so yay Buzz and c/t to you!

Also, I am going to be back in MN for about a week in mid-October, we should do something if you are free at all :)

Megan said...

NSDTR Nationals are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Nationals! Aka, Tollers! It's in Lake Elmo this year!

Lauren, we definitely need to hang out when you're here! Let me know a more precise date and I'll set it aside!