My dogs have been wearing collars lately.  They never used to.  Every collar they wear has a "name tag" on it.  Typically a Boomerang Tag, because I love those.  It's pretty uncommon though, for them to wear the collar with microchip/rabies tags attached too.

The point of this pointless post is to ask if your dogs wear tags, or even collars...

I have no real reason.


Lauren said...

Mollie wears the local dog tag. It has a number on it and you call the AC (whose number is also on the tag) and give them the number on the tag. Then they call the owner. Flawed system because AC is closed on Sunday, make sure your dog escapes on a weekday!!

Frodo doesn't wear a tag right now, but he does have a collar on. I am planning on getting him a tag but need a different collar for the tag. Yeah...

I want this tag...

Crystal said...

I'm obsessive about tags.

Maisy wears three: her ID tag, her rabies tag, and her dog license. She's also microchipped, but she sort of chewed that tag up when she was a puppy. Who thought a plastic tag was a good idea?? Who thought a puppy could reach it???

She pretty much wears her collar 24/7. I try to take it off when she's in the house, but I often forget. She MUST wear it outside though, even in the yard... just in case!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

My dogs always wear collars. The only tag on them is one with their name and phone #. The rabies tag is not legal proof of anything so I don't even bother putting it on. I do try and keep proof of their rabies in my car and training bag though.

Recently I've been thinking about the no collar route because of all the collar risks. What's holding me back though is not wanting to put 3 collars on/off when the dogs go outside and then the fear of something happening.

Megan said...

That tag is cool Lauren! I don't have a single "decorative" or artsy tag, we just use boomerang tags. Practicality! I'd need a fancy collar to put it on then!

I've had the big debate about flat collars vs martingale collars with my crew. They used to wear flat collars and tags 24/7, then no collars... then martingales with tags just for going out.

Both are microchipped, so that's something I'm happy about, but I'm still concerned about them not looking like they belong (especially right now when they both, desperately, need to be groomed, hah).

As of today, Bailey has a limited slip with a boomerang collarTAG and her microchip/rabies tags dangling. Buzz is nekkid.

Tomorrow, that'll probably change!

elegy said...

The pit bulls both wear tag collars (Boomerang tags, rabies, licenses) 24/7 for a couple reasons- I want handles on them in case of fights (worse case scenario- I want to be able to choke a dog off another dog if I can't get them to let go otherwise, and that requires a collar) and I want them to "look" owned if one of them were to somehow end up loose. I have recently switched to collars with quick release plastic buckles based on collar horror stories. It might make a difference, it might not, but it's an easy enough thing to do.

The collie doesn't wear a collar all the time. If he were to get loose, he wouldn't look scary/intimidating/dangerous/evil to the neighbors. I'd also probably have to throw him out and slam the door in his face to "lose" him- he has zero interest in wandering, unlike my more independent terrier-braned dogs.