I'm Exhausted!

Between being Trial Secretary, going to School, exercising and stretching Bailey As Is Allowed, and dealing with Buzz's medical issues... I'm exhausted!

Recheck for Bailey tomorrow morning.  We've not been as good this week about stretches for various reasons.  Surprisingly, when I do them, she seems to be improving--rather than me getting frustrated that she is sliding backwards!  Maybe it's my imagination... we'll see tomorrow.

In other wonderful news, we finally got whole-blood DNA samples sent out for the CHIC repository.  They went out yesterday.  Let's hope the shipping place I used actually knows what the hey is going on.  They were mighty confused, and mighty slow.

Our house is a state of construction--still.  I think everyone's fuse is getting short because it feels like we live in a one room house for right now.

The dogs need baths.  Who wants to come do that for me?


Lauren said...

I'll bathe them for you!! :D

Megan said...

Done. I expect you here tomorrow morning at 7. We have an appointment in the city at 11. That should be plenty of time for bathing, drying, and trimming. I already did ears and nails yesterday. You've got the easy part.