Camp 2010

Camp is Awesome.  That's all there is to it.  We even got nap time this year!

The campers were awesome, all four dogs in the bad dog closet did a nice job.  We squeezed seven people and nine dogs into the itty bitty red cabin.  It was loads and loads of fun.

Buzz practiced his cookie moving powers after we used him for a structure lesson.  The kids "drew" lines to see how well he was built and then... we played with the toothpaste.  It says "4-H Dog" on his right side...  He was such a good sport.

And then it was bath time.


Dawn said...

Writing in toothpaste, what a great idea! It looks like it was fun.

Karin said...

I miss camp! A Lot. Our kids are the best.

Kristen said...

I love those pictures. I love our campers.

And we have the best staff ever!

Megan said...

Kids are the best. Staff is the best. My dog is the best (hahaha).

I have more pictures to put up...

We need to have camp more than once (or twice) a year! We just HAVE to!