Of Hairy Dogs

Or... not so hairy dogs.

I shaved Buzz down a couple months ago.  He haaaaaaates being groomed.

I cut Bailey down to about 2" just before her birthday in January.  I started by doing a "pet cut" with a 7 blade today.  Then I gave her a bath and went a little crazy.  My spaniel is nekkid, except for ears.  I promised her I would never strip her out again and well... I certainly didn't do that.  She looks a little rough around the edges, but we're off to play in the lake and I'm looking forward to the two minute bath afterwards, rather than the 15 minute bath.  She looks a little ugly, but we are both pleased.  I just won't have the courage to take her out in public for a couple months.

There are no photos of this ordeal.  She'll be confined to The Farm and The Lake until it grows out a bit.

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