House Guest

We have a nine month old house guest until next Monday.  I was skeptical because the last time I had to take him for a walk he was BAD but this was after I'd agreed to watch him while his family went on vacation.

I'm happy to say he's been really, really, good.  Yesterday I let him out before I went to work, picked him up and off we went, with Buzz, to Elizabeth and Beckett's house!  To say we had fun is a huge understatement.  He and Beckett raced around the yard and much to Fritz's dismay, Beckett was much faster.  Hmmm, greyhound vs sporting/herding/hound dog, I wonder who's gonna win?!

Today was a very. good. day. at the Funny Farm.  I have a puppy choosing to sleep near me and relax, after he squeaked a toy to death.  To say he's being good is an understatement.  He even endured a bath and nail trim today without much complaint.  Bailey is zonked out in her crate, Buzz hasn't recovered from yesterday yet, and I have a feeling I'll actually get a good night's sleep.  I'm excited and not exhausted!


Jes said...

Glad to hear everything went well! The good days make all of the bad days so worth it, don't they?

Megan said...

The good days definitely are something to remember when those bad days seem so prevalent! He really was a great houseguest, as long as he got enough mental and physical stimulation!