It is what it is.

It's a wonderful word when it pertains to humans and a lousy one when it pertains to dogs.  I feel like I keep running into the same wall with both dogs.  I research, ask around, talk to my vet and we think we solve "the" problem and it comes back again.

Even if I can get either one of them "fixed" I have a feeling I'll be so concerned about them getting hurt again, I still won't compete.

Buzz's acupuncture on Wednesday was... bad.  He started shaking, flinching, and being so tense we were NOT doing anything good.  We discussed a couple options.
1) Aquapuncture-yes, water acupuncture... B12 injected into the acupoint
2) X-ray the really sensitive areas and see what we find (I need to ask if we could then to Adequan injections if those super ouchy areas are joints).
3) Me realizing my dog is 12.  I refuse to accept that statement.

I have a feeling both dogs will need multiple x-rays (there goes the rest of my savings after I paid for TAG teach and school) if I want to get a definitive diagnosis and start a treatment plan.

On the "to do" list outside of things I can have done at work are
1) CERF visits for both
2) Massage appointments (they've been made, I'm just waiting to hear if she found other people to make her trip worthwhile and thus available on that day for us to go see her)

Good news is that Buzz's senior blood work was all normal.  We do need to run a urinalysis at some point (oops, I forgot) and it was suggested we send out a full thyroid panel because his level has changed.

Retirement is imminent.  I just want my dogs to be happy and pain free.

Oh, and retirement does not pertain to Tracking and Hunt Tests.  Buzz will continue to track and do rally.  We'll see what Bailey can do, if she's ever sound again.  She says fetching bumpers in the stinky lake is a great activity, and one she can enjoy for years to come.


Kristen said...

Just remember..."being at home doing nothing" can cause more pain and injury than any of our silly activities....

Watch out for the bees.

You can borrow my old dog!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I'm so sorry the dogs aren't doing great. But I think you know that retirement isn't the end of the world and they will continue to love you no matter what. I think sports are more for us then the dogs, they just want to hang out with us no matter what we're doing.