Training 7/16/09

I'm working my dogs consistently again. Go me!

Today I laid a track for Bailey as soon as I got home from work. We haven't tracked since we've been at camp... oops!

Terrain: recently hayed field, two small patches of tall grass
Conditions: very windy, 63 degrees
Aged: 15 minutes
Yards: ~400, 2- 90 degree left corners, 1- 90 degree right corner, 1- 45 degree left corner
Success! Bad start as she wanted to follow the scent along the patch of tall grass but I held her and she got right to work. Beautiful corners. No air scenting on them and no checking out other options. Took the corner and ran! FUN track, and fast too.

Buzz and I worked obedience then. I really, REALLY want to trial him this fall for his UCDX. We worked heeling. Improvement from last night. He's been spacey so I walk briskly in another direction when his attention wanes. He catches up with me, I re-cue heel (hand on stomach) and off we go. We worked a lot of short (3-6 steps) heeling with lots of halts. We still have work to do but he was better. Then we practiced a sit-stay. I sat him about halfway down the drive way and walked to the mail box and back. He held it like a rock. GOOD BOY! I wasn't out of sight but we've had an issue with distance lately. I'm hoping to get at least two more sit-stays in today.

I plan on laying a track early tomorrow morning for both dogs. I need to decide on a location for Bailey's still though.

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